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Meet The Craggs

At Cragg Built Properties, we understand the need for a comfortable family home fitted for all of your needs. Cragg Built was started in 2002 when Rory and Trevor (brothers) joined their father Peter, in designing and building luxury homes in and around West Vancouver. Peter and Mandy raised their boys in the West Vancouver community, where they still reside almost 50 years later. Rory lives in West Vancouver with his wife and three kids. In 2018 Cragg built designed and renovated a house for Rory and his family to fit their lifestyle and needs. With their expanding family, they still have room to grow while utilizing each room for its exact purpose. Trevor, his Wife and their two kids have just finished building their new custom home in 2023. Building their homes came with unseen challenges that Cragg Built had to overcome. Going through this process with our families gives us the knowledge, understanding and expertise needed when building custom homes. Throughout the years, Cragg Built has designed unique homes on harsh landscapes and tight budgets, doing challenging renovations and new builds such as spec homes. As a family business, relationships and communication are key to the success and longevity of our business. Peter, Rory and Trevor have lots of experience in design and have the foresight and vision to imagine how your ideas can come to life and execute them in an ideal, practical and cost-effective matter.

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Meet Our Superior Home Building Company

Cragg Built Properties Ltd is proud to host a team of talented and professional home builders committed to providing the best services. We use our passion and industry knowledge to help you envision and design a beautiful and functional custom home, equipped with all the features you have always dreamed about. As your house builder, we will also deal with logistics, such as:

  • Obtaining building permits
  • Creating a custom home design
  • Ordering materials
  • Hiring subcontractors
  • And everything in between

Trusted Residential Construction Company

We recognize that every property is different and every client has different expectations. At Cragg Built, we feel maintaining transparency and honesty is best when undergoing a new project. We welcome any questions you may have and we are looking forward to meeting you to start the process and begin the first steps of making your dream home come true.

We will act as a liaison between you and everyone working on your property. We will make ourselves readily available to answer your questions and address your concerns whenever they arise.

Our commitment to personalized customer care has earned us a glowing reputation that we strive to uphold every day.

Why we are the right Partners

There are many reasons why Cragg Built is a great custom home-building company, below are a few we pride ourselves on.


With many years of experience, we have grown our community by building trust with our clients, subcontractors and municipal inspectors. We strive to grow our community through meaningful interactions and listening while offering expert experience and advice. We use many subcontractors and have learned throughout the years which are ideal partners. When finding a company to build your dream home, trust is key in maintaining quality and expectations. Growing up and living on the North Shore of West Vancouver has allowed us to meet key people and companies to build a trusted community to make your dream home a reality.


We strive to be one of West Vancouver's best home-building companies. With this goal, we must maintain high quality and compete on price. We understand budget constraints due to our extensive knowledge in spec builds, this allows us to make your dream home with a comfortable pricing model and maintain high quality. As we have built our family homes, we understand the balance between budget and quality and will always bring the highest quality within your budget. We are not just another construction company, Cragg Built Properties is a top competitor in the luxury home building space. We guarantee our work and bring high quality from a competitive price point.


When you think of the North Shore of West Vancouver housing market luxury is one of the first things that comes to mind. At Cragg Built Properties, we focus on a luxury feel for all of our builds. Maintaining luxury in every home we build is primary in each step of the building process from design to finishing. At %Company% nothing is overlooked to maintain a luxurious feel. We work with our clients closely to make their home needs a priority and give them the luxury they deserve and want. Building a luxury home that is fitted to every need and wants of our clients is what Cragg Built does best.

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